Take a Trip with ASIKO, to that happy-land, where music has no boundary and this Album is a leading Trip to that land, Mother-Africa. ASIKO is a realisation of every moment of existence and this is time. Take a touch of this leading Album, the 1st of its kind, to the taste of the general Listeners, recorded without thinking like every-other Group For Commercialism but pure musical feeling, despite the fact that ASIKO has crossed many streams of temptations; the Group had managed to stand the test of the Time.

ASIKO in a recorded work, doesn't only sound good but ASIKO Life is phantastic. Well fans, dear Music-Lovers, take ASIKO and love her . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . / N.S. OSCAR

ASIKO / TAKE A TRIP WITH ASIKO --Gorrilla Sound (197?) GER