DJ Zulu

"To be a DJ is an art that requires the balanced use & amount of music, technology & psichology, 3 of my favourite likings"

I come from the hip-hop & acid-jazz scenes. In 1995, at the age of 15, i meet the Veneno Night Club in Barcelona, discovering the jazzdance, tropicalia, the rare grooves & funk music, as new styles like acid-jazz, trip-hop, house-garage & jungle. Obsessed by these sounds, i began to visit that club almost everyday and at the same time, i started to work in anything for buy black & groovy music compulsively till 1999, when i began to organize some underground parties (Groove X-Perience, Last Vibes Of the Year, Voodoo Club), mixing these sounds under a british concept (jazzdance, funk, rare grooves, latin, brazil, jazzy hip-hop, soulful house, jungle-jazzstep). During that period, i collaborated with some local hip-hop crews as turntablist, making concerts around my country and in the south of France.

In 2002 i created the Timeless Club, that was a hidden and real underground club during 6 months in the cellar of a now-disappeared restaurant from barcelona:  we played nu-jazz & soulful house every friday & raw funk on saturdays, with the best local dj's. After the club's permanent closing, the funk sesions were moved to Fonfone one tuesday per month and one or to days per month to New York Club on weekends. So, thanks to these residences and other events, from 2003 till today, the Timeless Grooves never has stopped spinning in Barcelona.

At the same time, i created the domain www.timelessclub.tk for contact more easily with other dj's, dealers & collectors all over the world. My web offers information about music and records, want/trades list and an Internet radio.

Simultaneously, we are developing the Soulful Essence project, exclusively dedicated to the grooviest house music: soulful, latin, jazzy, deep, disco, garage  & derivatives are able to enjoy every last friday of the month in the cool  Sinatra from Barcelona.

Like vintage collector, i spin latin jazz, boogaloo, deep funk, soul, brazilian, afro funk and disco. On my contemporary facet, i offer deep, garage, soulful & latin house, cool hip-hop, nu-jazz, electro or broken beat sessions.

The basic concept of my sets are the timeless & positive black sounds.

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DJ Acme

"Return of the ghetto grooves"

Este veterano DJ fue uno de los impulsores de la música negra antes y durante el 'boom' de la escena deep funk en Barcelona, pinchando en muchos de los locales con buen gusto musical estos últimos 10 años. En sus sesiones cabe todo lo que esté relacionado con el funk, desde soul o rare grooves hasta breaks, pasando por el afrobeat o el nujazz.

Acme también fue miembro del desaparecido colectivo Swing-A-Ling Sound System, centrado especialmente en organizar eventos musicales y sesiones de soul, reggae, y dancehall.




DJ Turmix

"The best definition is its name"

The best definition is its name.

19 years have passed since this veteran & eclectic Dj, entered into a cabin for the first time, playing his first vinyl records of FUNK, OLD SCHOOL RAP, and CHICAGO SOUND, while the resident dj of the club was going to the wc., or making advances to any girl. It took advantage of those moments and little by little,the underground BARCELONA from ending of 20th and the beginning of 21th centuries let him to become resident of several clubs of recognized prestige within the scene. .

His vinyls have been spinning for more than 2 years on the decks of the mythical “CLUB DEL MAR”,an underground club from Tallers street, in the center of Barcelona, where the sessions of Dj Turmix were turning the people crazy to the rhythm of FREESTYLE, BREAKBEAT or HOUSE.

“JAPAN”, “WOMAN CABALLERO”,“REPUBLICA”,"APOLO","CITY HALL","JAZZ ROOM","BeCOOL" and other clubs where he seduced an audience not so much habituated to the BREAKBEAT and DRUM & BASS sessions, in a city where the TECHNO and the HOUSE became the disctatorship of the nightlife.

Working sporadically in IBIZA, “BAMBUDHA GROOVE”, “GRIAL” and “EL TEMPLO” with AFROBEAT, HOUSE and FREESTYLE sessions, depending on the place.
He was emphasizing with the SALSA sessions ROOTS, BOOGALOO and RARE GROOVES in “CORTO CLUB” every Thursdays during 2 years. Some time later he achieved also APOLO”, “ZENTRAUS”, the "Club del Mar" sets in “FRANK DUBE”, like most of the small premises of the center as well.

Actually he's resident of "BRAZELONA SESSIONS" being one of the best dj..s that they are playing WORLD BREAKS sessions on Tuesdays in “SIDECAR FACTORY CLUB” And one Wednesday per month ,he's into the "BREAKS DA RULES" party, with sets of pure breakbeat and bigbeat in "SIDECAR" too.

Every friday he is resident in the first Rest.Lounge of Barcelona “MARGARITA BLUE” "making the soundtrack" for cocktails with Salsa,Boogaloo,Rare grooves,Latin jazz,Swing...
And Saturdays in “SINATRA LOUNGE CLUB” with a musical trip that includes classic roots and FUNK, DISCO, PHILADElPHIA, JAZZ… from ROY AYERS to OSUNLADE, passing through NU JAZZ, AFROBEAT,BRAZILLIAN Drum & Bass,LIQUID FUNK,SOULFUL,DEEP HOUSE,OLD SCHOOL & FUTURE BREAKS.

Dj.Turmix played in different Clubs from ANDALUSIA, standing out “EL TREN”,"BOOGACLUB" (Granada), and “MALANDAR”(Seville),among others.

Form leaves from the project Funkonga Allstars: 3 thematic nights where DJ's (Shallo, Bukle & Turmix) give capacity to the hottest rates and underground like afrobeat, boogaloo, afrocuban, soul-jazz, funk and Latin disco.

Also it comprises of , TIMELESS CLUB collective founded on 2002 by Dj ZULU in Barcelona and dedicated to spread best black music for all time.Another colective is GROOVIN BARCELONA ,colective of dj..s from Barcelona, founded by the french Dj & producer FRED SPIDER, a best datum point of dj..s of musical styles nothing related with the Techno and the Minimal.